On écrit des livres, on ramène des photographies. On voudrait tant s'être saisi de l'imperceptible. Mais ce qui compte en dernier lieu, c'est moins le résultat de l'élan, que l'éclair. Ce qui compte, c'est le départ et l'inconnu.

  • Joël VERNET 
  • Lettre pour un très lent détour
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Paris my Dream

Curator: The Centre des Monuments Nationaux
Dates: 1 to 31 May
Venue: Avenue Of Stars - Hong Kong
Entrance Fee: N/A
Opening Hours: All Day

About The Exhibition

This series of photographic works of 16 sequences illustrates the story of the city of lights. Setting 
his stage through the emblematic monuments that have graciously withstood the ravages of past
centuries, and those who come into sight of late, photographer Michel EISENLOHR captured the
musical of the lights and the shadows, the glitter and the mystery. To Michel, it was a racing with 
time to snap the moment from dawn to midnight, within just a few minutes, which vividly transforms 
one’s perception of volumes and contents of a certain place. Under Michel’s lens, these 16 cine-
matic portraits of France not only capture the city’s romantic fineries, rich history and culture, but 
​also transcribe its intimate and monumental poetry in these stolen moments.

Détails du projet

DATE: 16 mai 2015

TYPE : Exposition